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3 second EpiPen®s are now available

EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr adrenaline (epinephrine) autoinjectors with the 3 second label will start to enter pharmacies in Australia and New Zealand from today (13 June 2017) onwards.   

The devices have not changed, just the instructions on the label, which now include:

  • Reduced injection time from 10 to 3 seconds – this is based on research confirming efficacy and delivery of adrenaline through the 3 second delivery.
  • Removal of the massage step after the injection – this has been found to reduce the risk of tissue irritation.

EpiPen®s with a 10 second label can continue to be used and should not be replaced unless they have been used, are just about to expire or have expired.   All EpiPen®s should now be held in place for 3 seconds, regardless of the instructions on the label.  However, if they are held for 10 seconds it will not affect the way that the adrenaline works.

To access updated ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis, ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training courses, the 3 second EpiPen® training video and other resources go to


Unique Student Identifier Information  (USI):   

Effective from 1 January 2015, all students enrolled in nationally recognised training will be asked to provide their registered training organisation (RTO) with their USI. Registering for a USI is an easy process. Click on the link, make sure you have a form of ID with you and enter the required details. It takes less than 5 minutes to obtain your USI. This USI will stay with you for life and will help to provide evidence of your studies when you apply for a job or further study. More information on the benefits of the USI program can be found on our page What Is A USI? ( click on the link, or select the About Us menu tab, then What Is A USI?). Create your USI by contacting


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